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Welcome to the webpage of Dennis’ Piano and Violin Service. The following pages will describe our service, history and products. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Maintained properly, your piano will give you years of service. Basic maintenance should include tunings, shaping and voicing the hammers periodically and regulating the action when needed. Dennis’ Piano Service is dedicated to keeping your piano in its best playable condition.

We are also dedicated to the service, maintenance and preservation of your violin and bow. We have been maintaining violins and bows for over 5 years and our passion for the instrument continues to grow. As it is said ” The piano is the crown of all instruments. The violin is the jewel.” Please call 215-257-2443 or contact us from the contact page on our web site to schedule an appointment today.

Call or email for information about our new service, “Violin and bow reconditioning”.

Our mission is to inspire you to play your best, continue learning and to maintain the sound and feel of your piano. We have been repairing violins and bows now for over 3 years

  • Experience

    We have proudly served our community for the past 30 years, and we offer a full range of tuning services for home, studio, theater, school, church, concert and a variety of other venues.

  • Personalized Service

    Let us provide you with friendly piano and violin services along with the highest level of expertise. I’ll work with you to optimize your instruments performance so as to meet your musical goals.

  • Committed to Excellence

    I am able to stay current with the latest developments and the newest techniques through my attendance at seminars provided by our local Piano Technicians Guild  and the Violin Society of America.


thepianodenDennis Dorsi, RPT